Finding The Right One

A small bust might be disturbing and not disturbing for some. Growing up as a young girl with a small bust size bothered me so much that I felt less confident about myself since lingerie and some bras set hardly fit. I saw lingerie sets I loved at the malls, but I couldn’t get them just if my bust were an inch or two larger. I tried finding ways to enhance my bust size, so I experimented with some lingerie which did a great job although you still must find one that is perfect for you in terms of size, material etc. Here are some of my favourites.



This 1980s and ’90s fashion goes a long way in enhancing your bust. Studies show that for women with small busts, it’s always advisable to opt for the underbust corset since it fits better and enhances the bust better but is certainly not an option for women with larger bust sizes for the discomfort it brings. The advantage of this underbust corset for ladies with small busts is that it can be worn on a daily basis on jeans, skirts, and even on shorts, giving you that cool-girl vibe.


The beautiful thing about bodysuits is the Comfort it gives, they are Versatile. These sassy bodysuits give you that sexy inviting feeling and seamless look. There’s something sexy about bodysuits. Glam up an outfit or keep it for the bedroom. Either way is a must to have piece!

Lace bodysuits are more suited for ladies with smaller busts as they’ve been guaranteed to give a comfy and confident feeling.

Many spoke of the easy aspect of a bodysuit, that it’s easy to wear because you can wear it as a blouse and underwear in one. This makes it easy for someone to “throw on” something over it – a skirt, jeans, or anything else.

What is your take on ladies having small busts? If you’re a lady with a small bust, how did you enhance your small Bust?

Please comment. We would be happy to get your feedback.

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